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The Football Pink Issue 17

£3.00 / Sold Out

A new season, a new Football Pink.

Issue 17 is now available.

In this edition:

Chelsea’s exploitation of the loan system; the Football Lads Alliance; Barcelona’s original superstar; the heart of the Indian football problem; Racing to the bottom; football on Iceland’s glacier; sausages, Gazprom and propaganda; squads that can win the league twice in one season; the new wave in Romanian football; the English voice of the Spanish game; the rise and fall of Joao Saldanha; football’s broken morality compass; the ghost of White Hart Lane; Irish football’s rock n’roll years; the Causeway Clasico; Savicevic’s greatest dance; Airdrie – not dead, only sleeping; Ruben Sune’s leap of faith; Australia’s migrant gift; Boyos on tour – Welsh clubs in Europe; drugs, last minute winners and Johnny Vegas.