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The Football Pink Issue 13

£3.00 / Sold Out

Here we go again. New football season, new Football Pink magazine issue. Costing significantly less than Paul Pogba and John Stones, Issue 13 is just as sexy as either of them and won't have people calling their price tag into question (we hope).

So what's on offer this time?

* Brexit and the recurrence of English hooliganism at Euro 2016
* 30 years of the Football League play-offs
* Johann Cruyff and the resurgence of Catalonian pride
* La Bombonera's uncertain future
* Newcastle, new beginnings
* The Golden Vision: Ken Loach's look at Everton idol Alex Young
* Asturias FC: Truly more than a club
* From the NFL to the MLS; one man's attempt to switch careers
* Turmoil in New Zealand
* Barbed wire and flowers: Bulgaria, Britain and Cold War football
* Telling times: Jesus Gil's Madrid revenge
* Strasbourg's King Arthur
* Paradise Lost: the hidden perils of Maldivian football
* Solidarity and success: socialist principals
* La Masia no more?
* The endless task of a groundhopper
* In search of Arpad Weisz: the life and times of a Hungarian pioneer
* Boom. Bust. Schteve. Repeat. - McClaren at Twente
* Love Portugal, hate football: A dictator's necessary propaganda tool
* Poet's Corner - poetry; plain and simple.

Get your pre-order in now before they all go!