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The Football Pink Issue 19

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Our club, our rules. It’s the ethos by which punk football and supporter owned clubs adhere pretty closely to. This issue is dedicated to those clubs and the supporters who were brave enough to take matters into their own hands and – to use a popular phrase of the day – take back control. These are stories of empowerment, engagement, protest, activism and bloody mindedness in the face of adversity, and the people that inspired them who just wouldn’t accept that they didn’t matter. If that’s not the definition of punk, I don’t know what is.


The role of Supporters Direct; Northampton Town - The Originals; the evolution of FC United of Manchester; Disneyland Portsmouth; ignorance in the media; Scarborough Athletic; new hope in North Wales; is punk football dead at Equality FC?; nothing ever happens at Newcastle; no place like home for AFC Wimbledon; them damned punks at Charlton; the Age of Ultra; Green roots at Hendon; Talking bull at Hereford; AFC Rushden and Diamonds; Streatham Rovers - a rock n' roll swindle; empowerment at Raith Rovers; Hibs have Hearts in mind; a wind of change in Germany; did Eibar sell their soul?; Bohemian non-rhapsody; Torpedo - ready to launch; the battle against apathy.