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The Football Pink Issue 7

£3.00 / Sold Out

The Football Pink’s 7th issue is available and is crammed with great writing, intriguing features and insightful opinion.

So, what mish-mash of footballing miscellany is on offer in Issue 7, I hear you cry….

* Cover art by Paine Proffitt

* Guest editorial by disillusioned punter and award-nominated blogger Greg Theoharis

* Mat Guy laments the loss of his beloved Salisbury and his connection to the past

* Mark Godfrey goes on the trail of a German named Adolf…

* Chris Etchingham on the scheme looking to unite kids of the different ethic groups of the former Yugoslavia

* All Blue Daze picks out the Totaal Voetbal’s missing piece of the jigsaw

* Martin Cloake reviews The Football Man by Arthur Hopcraft

* Ian Cusack looks at the ‘Ultras’ of North Tyneside and their descent into a ‘Lord of the Flies’ scenario

* Hyder Jawad highlights franchise football in the 1920’s, 80 years before Wimbledon and Milton Keynes

* Jonathan Wallace on the club legends who almost never played for their clubs

* Peter Miles takes his camera to uncover the hidden gems of Brussels

* Chris Smith on the state of English coaching. It ain’t pretty

* Paul Breen looks into the dark world of Justin Fashanu

* Liam Billington on the importance of being Unst

* John O’Sullivan looks back at Ireland’s 1914 Home Championship win against the backdrop of near civil war

* Alex Stewart brings us working class rage, skinheads, football and poetry

* Matt Gault on Hatem Ben Arfa’s vanishing act

* Mark Godfrey looks at the influence of the British Empire on South American football

* Jamie Ward on Don Revie’s desert years

* Johnny Phillips meets the ladies team who travelled to Palestine to promote friendship and equality

* Matt Jones rides the Tranmere Rovers rollercoaster

* George Rinaldi speaks to the man who recreates some of our beloved stadiums out of Lego